Monday, March 21, 2005

ميدان التحرير مظاهرة يوم 20 مارس 2005

كانت المظاهرات قد خرجت في جميع انحاء العالم في ذكرى الغزو الأمريكي للعراق و للتنديد بإستمرار الإحتلال الأمريكي للعراق و قد نقلت وسائل الإعلام المصرية المختلفة أحداث و اخبار عن كل مظاهرات العالم في هذا اليوم إلا مظاهرة واحدة كانت قريبة جدا كانت في قلب القاهرة و في ميدان التحرير!!!و لكن أسباب هذة الغيبوبة الإعلامية المقصودة واضحة حيث تحولت المظاهرة من اجل العراق إلى مظاهرة ضد التمديد لمبارك
و لتكون الصورة واضحة أيضا فقد أكد شهود عيان أنه قد ظهرعدد من الأشخاص يتعدو على صوابع اليد الواحدة (مش عرفة ليه من الصور حسيت أنهم يشبهون عساكر الأمن المركزي بملابس مدنية و زي ما يكون حد زقهم على المظاهرة ) وهم يهتقون لمبارك و لكن كانت مظاهرتهم نكته على رأي احد الشهود


Anonymous said...

huh? I was there, I took photos, mostafa who had the etfoo poster did not carry a kefaia sticker.

in fact very few people did.

same thing for the hokam al nadama banner holder.

where these added digitally or did the photographer ask them to hold kefaia stickers?

and why?

Alaa said...

another thing, they where not a handful wala 7aga, the security organized pro mubarak demonstration had a few hundreds, it was almost as big as the real mozahra.

Sheltox said...

The kefaya poster looks a bit unreal, no offense.

The pro-mubarak demonstration is a joke, but still we live in egypt and "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know" as my grandma used to say. So there might have been a few true pro-mubarakists over there.

wa7da_masrya said...

ya u are right ya sheltox and when i looked close to the Kefaya sign on his t-shirt i felt it's look like unreal
well i coudn't say there aren't pro-mubarak in egypt
couse there are beacoup et meme plus que beacoup des milliers et des millions but they are like that i think couse they are not aware awy ,and they see how mubarak could make egypt stable inside and outside thought his dictatorship and his gang that keep stole egypt w kherha
bass ahom 3aysheen yb2a kahalass

N.B sorry for my english french arabi mixture that i used

The Cairene said...

If its all about the devil you know, why did those so-called supporters choose Tahrir square THAT day THAT hour if the purpose was not simply to thwar the other one?
These are the VERY same vulgar regime tactics we know so well! ما احنا خابزينو و عجنينو سوا!