Monday, March 26, 2012

Egyptian women condemn the representation of the parliament members by 50%

Egyptian women condemn the representation of the parliament members by 50% in the Constituent Assembly for the Constitution
The approval of the parliament and Shura Council on the formation of the Constituent Assembly to prepare a constitution by 50% from within the parliament and 50% of the outside proves the intention and determination of the power of political Islam on the monopoly of all the authorities and the monopoly of the development. As said by the scholars of the constitution writing, this decision is unconstitutional because it violates Article 60 of the Constitutional Declaration and also the principle of equality between citizens and private and that he originally parliaments do not put constitutions and that the Parliament is the authority established by the Constitution nor Parliament may participate in drafting the Constitution because it MONTSEGUR on the powers of the branches of other two executive and the judiciary established by the Constitution, which creates the three authorities, and so the Islamic movement had sided with which controls the parliament and decided to design a biased constitution to serve its interests and their adherence to the governance, rather than to have a constitution reflects the nation's will.
This configuration also will deprive the women, who are half of society and those with high qualifications and expertise in all aspects of life that actively involved in the drafting of the Constitution of Egypt's New We all know that the parliament and Shura Council have the lowest percentage of representation for women in the whole world and the adaptation of the rate of 50% of the parliament will not guarantee any participation for women or a very meager representation.
The exclusion of women from the writing of the Constitution is another station in the discriminatory practices against women that the religious trend practices in parliament to oust half of the society to carry out its important role in public life and prevents them from that involved in the construction of Egypt, as if they punish the Egyptian women for the participation in the revolution. The series of exclusion of women practiced by the political islam, which dominates with its all forms of dictatorship including the submission of draft laws that deprive women of their human rights such divorce and the right to end marriage at marriage age to be at least 18 years and finally the exclusion from writing of the Constitution, women confirms the refusal of such practices and will struggle side by side with all political forces and social trends that reject this dictatorship of the private power and also reject the repugnant practices against women that are far removed from the monotheistic religions.
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